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I'm not a Brander. Can I still join, or become a Member of the ABA?
Sorry,"Members" are branders and/or branding agencies whom we feel qualify in meeting our criteria. If you are visiting this site, then you are unofficially assisting our community by using the resources we provide. Helping to spread the word will assist the ABA to grow, and your community to thrive. Please read our Mission statement.

How do I find a Preferred Brander for our company/project?
Contact us. Include what industry you work in, locale, and a brief description of your project. Once we find an excellent match, we will contact you. If you prefer to attempt this on your own, please visit the Members page, review their portfolios and/or methodologies, and locate the right agency for your needs. Again, if you need help deciding, just contact us. That's what we're here for.

My business is outside of Seattle/Washington State. Can I still use the ABA's services?
Absolutely. Our main scope is on strengthening our nation's brand presence globally, we oftentimes get calls from out-of state companies (46%), including international queries (19%). Even though we are headquartered in Seattle, our aim is to refer talent where you do business. Our Member referrals are the best in the industry.

I've been thinking about becoming a Brander. How do I go about becoming one?
We get asked this a lot. Branding is a popular subject but still somewhat of an emerging field where academia is concerned. Branders come from all sorts of backgrounds. Behavioral psychology, marketing, English, advertising, creative writing, graphic design, product/industrial design, architecture, etc. It depends in part what your specialty is. Top branders usually, but not always, possess at least two degrees. With marketing/design/psychology as the standard mix. This does not however preclude proficiency. The process of branding can't work effectively if a creative acumen is lacking in some degree. Historically, Graphic/Identity Designers have been known to create the most captivating brands since they are the ones who literally design the brand from the inside out. E.g., a talented Graphic Designer with an additional BS/BA, MBA or MA in psychology, marketing or creative writing is a powerful force. It's not uncommon to find a great strategist with weak design skills. More unlikely is finding a talented designer with weak strategic capabilities.

Do you really brand sheep and other animals?



I'm a Brander/Agency. How do I get on the ABA's preferred brander referral list?
Email us a link to your work and your resumé. If you meet with our criteria, you will be contacted usually within 30 days. You must be a legal State-recognized company with a UBI number. You must also be an ABA Member in good standing.

Why was I turned down for Membership?
Cheer up, buttercup. For whatever reason(s) you did not meet with the ABA's criteria. This could mean any number of things. 75% of the time it's a result of possessing a strong strategic acumen but exhibiting a weak design portfolio. You may resubmit after 1 year, or sooner if the criteria has been amended. Note, all submitted work MUST have been executed in-house; No subcontracted materials from outside vendors will be accepted.

I work in the industry, how do I join, or become a member of the ABA?
You must work in a directly related field of branding. Email us a link to your work and/or resumé if applicable. If you meet with our criteria, you will be contacted within 30 days. You must be a legal U.S. state recognized company with a UBI number, and pay an annual $120.00 membership fee.

How come this service is free to businesses?
Read our mission statement. We have Sponsors and Members. What's good for them, is good for us; and by default, good for the entire brander/business/consumer community. Our aim is to promote better branding through the exposure of talented & seasoned branding professionals.

How do I post an event or other function?
As long as it's brand/design related and not all about your genius, it goes up. Depending on the content, ABA Membership might be prerequisite. Email us the specifics with a link to the URL (please keep it to 30 words maximum). No HR, PR nor events purely for the purpose of advertising your services.

Where's the ABA BrandVentions™ Competition and Awards page?
Our BrandVentions™ page can be found at BrandVentions™

Where's your blog?
Our blog Brand Oven™ although technically online, has been made inactive until further notice. When it comes available again the ABA blog will be accessible to subscribing Members.

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