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Brand Assessment, Critique and Consulting.

Strengthening your brand means honing your image. The first step to this goal is educating employees and managers -those solely responsible for the firm's image, internally and externally. The ABA happily provides consulting to the corporate and non-profit business communities. Our Brand Assessment is without doubt the vanguard and most sought after. Starting a new company or trying to manage an out-of-control image can be unnerving. Established companies with a need for updating or strengthening an existing brand is quite an undertaking.

Who is your audience?
What is your brand's promise?
What is the personality of your brand?
How do you want participants to perceive your brand?
What will make your brand stand out for users?
What will persuade them to stay in a relationship with your brand?
How are you connected with your brand's followers and employees?


Brown Bag Branding - This lunchtime branding discussion lasts 60 minutes. Open discussion for whatever brand-related topic is most relevant to your situation. We also suggest this to any department within your organization where you feel internal branding education will benefit the overall workspace culture. Are your employees living the brand? Do they understand how best to carry the brand's promise? Are they brand champions? Are they happy, content, and feel a sense of belonging versus being forced to just fit in? Limited to 5 attendees. Contact us for current rate and availability.

BrandPasture 1.5 - Our 1.5 hour in-person presentation is a first step in educating businesses on the importance of effective branding. General Brand Overview lasting 90 minutes. This covers general & internal branding. Limited to 10 attendees. Contact us for current rate.

BrandScape 3.0 - Our 3 hour presentation establishes where you are, and helps map out an intelligent personalized route of where you need to be. This makes defining what it is you want to achieve and how to go about getting it done right the first time much easier -and less costly. The latter offering streamlines your objectives on how you are perceived by the public AND internally by your employees. This personalized Brand Assessment lasts 180 minutes. Specifically targeted to your current brand. Limited to management team and/or one (1) specific department within your company. Limited to 10 attendees. Contact us for current rate.

Brand Assessment - Fourthly, we provide brand assessments which, it could be argued, is an 'audit light'. These are typically used as plans for re-brand (logo, marketing collateral, messaging, web, signage, etc) for smaller companies where internal considerations are not of immediate overwhelming concern. Contact us for current rates and availability. If you've been issed a rate, you may proceed by visiting our Payment page.

Brand Audit - Lastly, we offer an in-depth full audit for both: Brand Value prior to sale/merge/acquisition; And/or in-depth written audits ( full report) for companies wishing to hone their brand's image/message from the ground up. These are typically preempts on the road to a re-brand. Contact us for current rates and availability. Are you a returning client? We love you too. Schedule another meeting by visiting our Payment page.

Brander to Business Introduction by Specialty.

Depending on your industry, we can connect you with an appropriate branding professional who works specifically in your field. Every one of our referrals works for a top firm in your area and have agreed to make themselves available simply because they believe in our mission; hence, they believe in you. Having problems deciphering which brand strategist or brand design studio to choose from?

The ABA connects companies with the right team for the right outcome. There's a lot of talent out there, but choosing the right team for the job is crucial. Industrial manufacturing, fashion/apparel, lifestyle, military contractors, wineries, emerging technologies, medical, biotech, cuisine, haute corporate, etc.- all have profound criteria specific to their market. Similarly, there are well-seasoned consultants to meet every brand's needs. Contact us.

Lecture & Seminar Fulfillment.

Having a Brander to speak at your event, school, company or organization is a great way to promote your company's brand internally. When your employees have a better understanding of how your brand works, and what you're trying to convey through reputation, they will better be able to champion your efforts to the outside world. Extending the concept of branding to students is a great way to ensure they have the tools necessary for building a strong personal business platform. Contact us.

Helping to Build Progressive Global Positioning.

This is the overall focus of the ABA. As in life, the more you know, the better off you'll be. Think for a moment if every employee, business owner, manager, and student knew more about branding than they currently do. Perhaps not the extent of being able to execute specifics on their own, but enough to be an asset, not a hindrance or stagnantly sitting about. This leads to better custodianship, leadership, and shepherding of a brand, and more aware of what's going on internally and externally. Intelligent responsible Branding is to business, what healthy regimens are to our bodies. Strategizing and maintaining your brand is no longer an elusive buzz term. It's an imperative.

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