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Listed from the drop-down menu to your upper right is the American Branding Association preferred member directory of branders, brand designers & brand strategists by state who have proven tops in their region. An '/S' denotes "Select", meaning they continue to surpass industry standards. If you do not see your state listed, email us and we will see what we can do to find talent in your area who will best suit your needs. The ABA does not refer non-members.


If you are an brander, identity designer, brand developer, brand strategist, etc., and would like to be considered for membership, please send us an email with a brief introduction, your branding philosophy, and a direct URL link to your portfolio. Designers must prove beyond a preponderance of doubt, experience with brand design/identity, not just marketing collateral/web/interactive, etc.

Once we receive your request, please allow up to 7 days for us to review your work. Note, your submission does not guarantee Membership. If chosen, Membership requires an annual fee of $120.00 USD payable within 10 business days of acceptance. If you have been turned down for consideration, don't fret, you may re-submit after 30 days with new material(s). If your state (or major city) is not listed, a page for your state (/city) will be created upon acceptance of your Membership. For more information, click here.




Welcome new Members! Congratulate yourselves. We couldn't have done it without you.

The amount your fee covers goes to web developers, domain name/host, collateral, time, awards, events, etc. This fee is annually prorated, to be paid on (or caught up by) the first of every year. Please keep your expiry date on record for future renewal, because the less time we spend gathering Membership dues, the more time volunteers can devote to fulfilling the ABA mission. Thank you!

Keep in mind that as a paid Member, you should be making the most of the ABA by being proactive; So:

Keep your listing (name link) updated on the page devoted exclusively to branders by state (& city if/where applicable). The ABA is an organic site, and possesses its name in direct relation to our industry. Make sure the URL you provide is the landing page (blog, business, etc.) you want others to land on first.

Submit articles once a season (once, quarterly) which highlight your professional views, best practices, insights, etc., on our blog and provide a link to your blog/business. Remember, these submissions cannot be marketing, PR, or self adverts in nature. Not all submissions are excepted. If for whatever reason yours is not accepted, we will explain why in full detail. We encourage you to resubmit an edited or amended version if one of yours has been declined.

Please, send us your events! Again, we only allow events that are educational in nature, brand-related, open to the general public, and not for the sole purpose of self-promotion. If you need ABA sanctioning, email us. Events need to be sent to us at least 30 days prior.

Members with superlative brand design portfolios will automatically be awarded an exclusive 'ABA Select' badge for their web site and/or blog. Candidates must have been working under the same name in the brand/design business for at least the past 10 years. Note, working in the industry for 10 years or more, does not necessarily guarantee the 'ABA Select' status.

If you have additional ideas on how we can together, educate the business public, offer more to our members, and hone-in our industry, we'd love to hear back from you. Our mutual collaboration is the only way to breed excellence in American branding.


We are in search of individuals who will act as ABA chapter representatives for their greater municipality. The ABA refers to this role as "Chapter Liaison". This is an unpaid volunteer position. You must work as a brander, identity designer, brand developer, brand strategist, or related field; Adhere to our core mission statement, and allocate at least 2 hours a week to ABA Chapter duties. Students seeking to intern as a Chapter Liaison must posses at least a Bachelor's/Master's Degree in Branding or related field and show a proven understanding (and passion) for branding. If you would like to be considered for Chapter Liaisonship, please send us an email with a brief introduction, your branding philosophy, and a direct URL link to your portfolio/resume.

Liaison membership fees shall be waived for the duration of their commitment. Please note, Liaisons are ineligible for entry in any ABA sanctioned competitions, including the ABA BrandVentions™ Award. Liaisons may likely be called upon as an awards judge if we receive enough high quality submissions to the aforementioned competition. Note, that judging can be a laborious 1 month process, so if this is not your cup or tea, this might not be a role you wish to take on. Liaison candidacy is decided upon by existing ABA Volunteers and Chapter Liaisons.



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